Computer Engineer, Journalist, Hardware & Open Source Enthusiast, Managing Editor at

I tend to write about consumer technology, AI, hardware and other stuff from a nerd’s perspective.

What’s with this website?

It’s a means to host my experiments and might have the occasional article or two. Most folks finding this website are looking to reach out to me, so links to all my socials are provided below. There’s also a page to email me. Lastly, I do not look like the guy in the above image.

Articles –

List of my current articles on Digit, my place of employment for the past 10-12 years.


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Twitter / X

You’ll see bursts of activity occasionally on Elon’s digital fiefdom.


Pictures from my life or whatever I choose to make public.


No point reaching out to me here since I rarely login to it anymore.

Other apps?

There’s no point reaching out on anything other than the platforms mentioned above.

Mithun Mohandas

Areas of interest

Here’s a not so exhaustive list of things that catch my eye


  • Consumer tech products, primarily PC hardware
  • Dev boards, stuff to tinker and make
  • Tools! No wait, power tools!
Mithun Mohandas
Mithun Mohandas


  • Apps that make life easy, esp. AI
  • Video games across PC, PlayStation, Mobile, etc.
  • Coding languages, IDEs and platforms

“Imagine a smart and funny quote here, something that would make you smile and chuckle. Then move on.”

Mithun Mohandas

To be quotable author

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